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Scale BIZERBA SC500 (kasutatud)

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The Bizerba system scales SC 500 are equipped with robust, graphic-capable thermal label printers which reliably produce superb labels and adhesive receipts. The printers work at a speed of up to 100 mm/sec and what is more, even inverse printing is dealt with easily.

The display is available in four different colours, transparent, yellow, blue and green - either positive or negative. As a result the scale can be adjusted to your specific environment. A configurable LCD-display allows adjustment to various light conditions, furthermore it is graphic-capable and shows the information in different font types and sizes. This means it has no tiring effect on your staff and customers can follow all the information displayed effortlessly.


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95,00 €
Описание товара
Model    BIZERBA SC500
Nr 2072829
MAX 6 / 15 kg
MIN 40 g
e=  2 / 5 g
T=  -6 / 15 kg
Battery 3
Lisainfo  230 V   50 Hz   300 mA  
Made in  Germany


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