Computer repair & maintenance


Arvutiladu provides you with the service of individual assembly of the computer.

As a result you get quality assembled system unit, warranty and optimally configured!

It is also possible to order the installation of the software that best meets your needs.

Our experts will prepare a complete system for you.

Choose the purposes for which you need a computer and we will offer the configuration options:

Arrow Work with office applications

Arrow For home use a general-purpose

Arrow For simple games and the Internet

Arrow For the latest games and HD content or Media

Arrow For Professionals

How to order an assembly machine:

You can arrange for a time on the phone 650 81 25 and come to our store.

We agree terms, configuration and cost.

     High level of build quality;
     Individual approach to customers;
     Opportunity to create precisely the configuration that you need;
     Saving your money.