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Notebook repair and maintenance


We repair laptops of almost any model, both eminent and lesser-known manufacturers. We carry out repair of laptops of any complexity: from a simple replacement of components to reballing when soldering components. We eliminate external mechanical damage: replacement of the case, replacement of a broken keyboard, touchpad, replacement of a broken matrix or matrix hinges.

We are glad to offer you a replacement or repair of the laptop motherboard. The lowest category of complexity is the replacement of connectors: Ethernet, audio, power connector and others. The highest level of complexity is the replacement of the south bridge or video controller. By the way, replacing the power connector with repairing the power circuit is one of the most common reasons for taking a laptop for repair. At least it is necessary to repair the inverter, due to the breakdown of which nothing is visible on the screen.

We carry out restoration work after liquid has entered the laptop, as well as preventive cleaning of the cooling system from dust with the replacement of thermal paste. We modernize laptops: increasing the amount of RAM and hard drive, replacing the drive. We provide computer services for installing and configuring Windows, Linux and Mac, installing drivers, system and application programs, office, accounting and specialized applications.

  • Laptop keyboard repair and replacement
  • Laptop matrix repair and replacement
  • Laptop upgrades
  • Notebook Batteries
  • Preventive laptop cleaning

Cleaning a laptop from dust – the price is from 10-25 euros.

  • Disassembling a laptop
  • Dismantling the cooling system
  • Replacing thermal paste on chips
  • Cleaning the fan and heat pipes
  • Blowing vents with compressed air
  • Wiping components with cleaning agents
  • Cooling system installation and assembly
  • Extras: blowing the keyboard
  • Laptop cleaning time – from 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Same day laptop cleaning
  • Cleaning a laptop in your presence

Laptop prevention or why you need to clean your laptop.

A laptop is a portable computer with which it is possible to work outside the office. We use laptops on the street, in transport, put them on our knees and take them to bed with us.

The laptop heats up during operation. If the heated parts are not cooled, they can overheat and burn out, so a forced system for removing heated air through ventilation is used for cooling. The computers of the first generation, which were called computers (electronic computers) and sometimes occupied an entire building, had bulky fans located in the basement.

A modern laptop has a compact ventilation cooling system. Cooled air comes from outside. The cooling system of a laptop is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Together with the air, dust is sucked in, which settles in a dense layer of 2-3 millimeters on the cellular grille of the radiator and the fan impeller. Dust, this ubiquitous scourge of technology, consists of the smallest particles of dirt, wool, fluff, keratinized pieces of skin – depending on the room where the laptop is mostly used.

As a result, the following processes take place:

  •     the radiator is clogged with a layer of dust similar to felt, which makes it difficult for fresh air to enter the ventilation system;
  •     the fan impeller becomes heavier from dust deposits, which impairs rotation;
  •     elements around the fan heat up;
  •     heating leads to braking and system failure, frequent freezing or random shutdown of the laptop;
  •     overheated parts fail and require costly repairs.

Dust clogs not only the cooling system, but the entire laptop. If you turn the laptop turned off and gently shake it over a clean table surface, you will be amazed at the incredible number of small crumbs of unknown origin that clog the keyboard. In a desktop computer, only the keyboard itself suffers from clogging, and in a laptop, due to its compact structure, dust enters through the microscopic gaps between the keys also onto the boards inside the case, tightly caking and can lead to unwanted electrical connections and burnout of contacts.

There is another reason why you should clean your laptop from dust. Dust particles are ionized by electromagnetic radiation and can provoke a permanent allergic reaction of the user. It is easier to get rid of dust than cure allergies.

Tolmu täis arvuti

Example of dust ingress

Tolmu täis arvuti

Example of dust ingress

Tolmu täis arvuti

Example of dust ingress

How to save a laptop from overheating?

There are such signs of dangerous overheating:

  • too fast heating of the laptop;
  • noisy fan operation;
  • air almost does not come out or its movement is barely perceptible;
  • high case temperature.

If you have at least two of these “symptoms”, you need to take immediate action. If you respond in a timely manner and carry out preventive cleaning of the laptop from dust, then after that it will work flawlessly again. Computer diagnostics in the service center is carried out free of charge within 10 minutes. If necessary, cleaning a computer in a service center lasts only 2-3 hours and prevents many unpleasant consequences. It is recommended to carry out prophylaxis at least once every six months.

How is a laptop cleaned?

Cleaning a laptop from dust is a delicate job. It begins with disassembling the case to provide access to all parts.

The purge sequence looks something like this:

  • a disconnected laptop is released from the battery;
  • after complete or partial disassembly (depending on the model), the cables are turned off, the fan is removed and the impeller is removed;
  • dust is removed from the blades (either by blowing with compressed air, or with a special napkin if the layers are too dense);
  • special brushes or tassels of the board, the case and keyboard are freed from dust and dirt. Sometimes the keys are even washed with alcohol and allowed to dry. Then the thermal paste on the chips will be replaced;
  • this is followed by lubrication of the rotating ventilation system and its assembly, connection of loops and, finally, a test check for overheating.

Will a regular cleaning fix a laptop from freezing?

Judge for yourself: after cleaning from dust, the laptop works silently, ventilation regularly cools the system. In the “kneeling” mode, this is especially noticeable and pleasant. The contacts on the boards freed from dust react with lightning speed – the processes proceed noticeably faster.

The keyboard, cleaned of household dirt caused by liquids and crumbs from food, easily responds to finger touches. The danger of “shooting off” the buttons from a strong blow to the key due to failure is excluded.

The laptop consumes less energy for cooling and therefore runs longer on battery power.

Prevention is better than cure

Doctors believe that prevention is cheaper and more important than cure. It really is.

Laptop repair technicians believe that good regular maintenance extends the life of the laptop and maintains its original performance. Without a doubt, preventive cleaning of a laptop from dust takes a little time, eliminates possible failures and breakdowns in the system due to overheating. The cost of cleaning compared to a real repair or replacement of burnt parts is low – everyone can afford it.

Careful attitude extends the life of the laptop – contact us and in two to three hours you will receive it back clean and free from dust blockages.


  1. If necessary, urgent cleaning of dust is carried out in the presence of the owner.
  2. If the laptop contains confidential information, the customer can remove the hard drive, or we will help you remove it for cleaning, and then put it back in place.
  3. After cleaning, you can also install a completely new fan.
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