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Disposal of computers and various office equipment

Disposal of computers and various office equipment

It’s no secret that personal computers and office equipment break down over time and become morally obsolete.
Moreover, due to its rather complex structure and chemical composition, such electronic waste requires proper disposal in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Estonia.
Utilization, write-off, refining, recycling of computers, monitors, printers and various office equipment.

We deal with the disposal of any electronic equipment in Estonia.

Arvutite ja kontoritehnika vastuvõtt ja utiliseerimine Eesti

Utilization of office equipment, recycling of computers and equipment.

Disposal of equipment is a process that is closely related to ecology, or rather, to maintaining a clean environment. Therefore, it is imperative to know as much as possible about this process, in particular, what is the disposal of equipment, how it helps to prevent pollution of nature, what laws it allows to comply with and what goals, in addition to maintaining environmental well-being, it serves. But let’s start with the main thing: talking about the role that recycling of computers and other office equipment plays in preventing damage to nature.

Disposal of office equipment, as well as the disposal of computers, as well as other electronic equipment, whether it be TVs or monitors, is the only way to prevent harm to nature. But what kind of harm are we talking about, because the technique we use does not harm us? It turns out that the whole thing is in the conditions of its storage. In no case should equipment be sent to a landfill or landfill, because the conditions there are completely unsuitable – water, wind and moisture begin to affect old equipment, all this leads to various chemical reactions, which, in turn, end in the release of harmful substances. Recycling equipment helps prevent this.

What do you need to know about the regulatory side of such a process as the disposal of monitors, computers and other equipment? There are several laws governing this process, such as legal precious metals, the federal law on industrial and consumer waste, as well as documents such as the EU directive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which requires all manufacturing companies to mandatory dispose of waste electronic or electrical engineering.
There are different types of equipment, and all of them must be subjected to a recycling process.

For example, the disposal of telephones is very important, and in the same way, from the point of view of environmentalists and the law, the disposal of televisions is necessary. We must remember that if these processes are neglected, you can put your enterprise at risk of fines, which, of course, is highly undesirable. Therefore, disposal of equipment must always be carried out in a timely manner. It must be remembered that any of these processes, whether it is the disposal of computers or the equally complex and necessary disposal of monitors, is important for nature.
It should also be noted that the disposal of office equipment and any other equipment can significantly save on property tax.

After all, often an enterprise acquires new equipment when the old one fails, so you have to pay double tax – both for old and new equipment. If the disposal of equipment was carried out on time, then it was mandatory to write it off, which means that it was removed from the balance sheet of the enterprise. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to pay property tax for it.

All this gives us the opportunity to say with confidence that the disposal of equipment is a process not only important for nature, but also necessary from the point of view of the law, and also profitable from the financial side.
Carry out the disposal in a timely manner, and our specialists will help you implement the process itself and draw up all the documents.

Arvutite ja kontoritehnika vastuvõtt ja utiliseerimine Tallinn
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