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Computer repair

Computer repair services and computer help in Tallinn

Computer repair and maintenance


Computer repair and maintenance
Computer repair
Computer repair, computer help, setup and related information.
Preventive cleaning of computers.

Cleaning from dust
Replacement of thermal grease
Replacing the fans


Notebook repair and maintenance

Repair and replacement of laptop keyboard
Repair and replacement of laptop matrix
Modernization of laptops
Laptop Batteries
Preventive cleaning of the laptop
Cleaning the laptop from dust
Disassembling a laptop
Dismantling the cooling system
Replacement of thermal paste on chips
Cleaning the fan and heat pipes
Blowing the ventilation holes with compressed air
Wiping components with cleaning agents
Cooling system installation and assembly
In addition: a purge of the keyboard

Duration of cleaning the laptop – from 30 minutes to 3 hours
Cleaning the notebook on the day of treatment
Cleaning the laptop in your presence


Laptop screen replace

New Screens for all notebooks makes and models!                             
If your notebook screen is damaged, we can change your screen with reasonable price to new one!                                                                                
Screens are available for different notebooks producers like: HP/Compaq, IBM/Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Toshiba,
Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer, ML, Ordi, MSI, Apple etc.

If there is needs, we can arrange transport over Estonia. If you are outside Tallinn you can ship the notebook
to us by post. Within two working days we can ship it back to you with new screen.

Computer help always starts with a survey and identify the causes of the problem. These services are free. If a computer repair or laptop repair should be carried out in the office, the master must be sure to get at is your consent. In other words, the cost of repairs at home and in our office are the same, because you’re paying for results rather than during the work of our staff. Delivery of equipment is included in the price.

Convenient location

Our repair house in Tallinn on Ehitajate tee street is convenient for both car and public transport users.

Over 28 years of experience

We have been engaged in computer repair work since 1994.


Our professional approach and long-term experience allow us to provide a guarantee for our work.

High quality

We focus on speed and quality of work.